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Тур по Кыргызстану


Welcome to Kyrgyzstan!

It is a picturesque, amazing mountainous land of ancient nomads, and pristine, wild, virgin nature, which was not influenced by human civilization yet. Kyrgyzstan will charm you with its fabulous beauty and grandeur of mountain ranges, rivers, mountain lakes and wide open spaces of yaylak (summer pasture)!
Expeditions to caves, walks near the valley glaciers and learning basics of yaylak life of nomads! You'll find it all in our land!
Clean mountain air, crystal-clear lakes, spring water, snow-capped mountains, nature reserves represent the nature of Kyrgyzstan. The unique beauty and diverse mountain nature changing depending season is our main wealth.
At least for a moment, imagine yourself as the hero of a travel movie or book. For example, Christopher McCandless - the main hero of "Into the Wild" movie who changed all the blessings of civilization to the endless vagrancy and wildlife. Or Elisabeth Gilbert from "Eat, pray, love" movie who went to travel the world in search of her true self.
And then take a suitcase ... STOP! No suitcases! There's the whole new world outside the airport, so why do you need to waste time getting your luggage? So, just take your backpack, fill it with the most necessary things and go to the wildest and almost unknown places with your inspiration.


Go above the clouds - visit Sarychat-Ertash State Nature Reserve.
The reserve is situated at the height of 3500 meters above sea level, so it is not surprising that the path lies through the clouds. When you reach the destination, be ready for the influence of height and low pressure - you may start to behave in a little unusual way. Now for the biggest fun, you may just inhale some helium from a balloon and speak with the voices of Chip and Dale.
Here you can find huge ice blocks on the green meadows and meet snow leopard - the severe highlands of Tien Shan hides lots of miracles.

Night in yaylak nomads tent near the lake Son-Kul
This place has incorporated all from the life of the real nomad - tent installed under the open sky; pastures, surrounded by mountain hills; in the evening, the food prepared on fire in a large cauldron. And at night there's the infinite silence, moon light and barely audible trampling horses somewhere far away. If you want to run from the city bustle for some privacy, you'll find it here.

Horse riding in canyons of Chyi and Issyk-Kul regions.
If you don't have experience of horse riding, you shouldn't give up on riding in canyons. Experienced riders will tell you about the nuances of communication with horses or even will accompany you. Words are not enough to describe the incredible scenery that you will see along the way. There are flowering Alpine meadows where you may not be afraid of any allergies; forests so high that you will feel giddy; and turbulent mountain rivers, which attract rafters.
It is a great pleasure to see the sunrise here. Just imagine how you walk barefoot on the grass covered with dew or wander through the woods with a basket searching for berries or beautiful cones to decorate your house. Imagine how you will drink hot and fragrant rose tea in the morning sitting comfortably in a chair.

Learning the history and acquaintance with the sunny boy
Places where located the ancient pagan sanctuaries have incredible energy, therefore, the natural park Saimaluu Tash is one of the main historical and cultural sights of Kyrgyzstan. Here you can find many stones with ancient petroglyphs on the blooming meadow. The most famous image in this encyclopedia of the stone age is the sunny boy.

The conquest of the main Pamir-Alay summit
The most famous mountain in Kyrgyzstan is the gorgeous Lenin peak. This is one of the highest peaks in Central Asia - 7134 m above sea level. Alas, dazzling views from the mountain are available only to the most experienced climbers who are used to survive in extreme conditions. Ordinary people, not aspiring to win "Golden Ice Axe", can simply enjoy the power of mountains from base camp at Achik-Tash in Osh.

Expedition to the caves of Osh region
Expedition through the narrow stone tunnels beneath the screeches of bats and dim light of a lamp will leave unforgettable impressions. By the way, the luxury of the 21st century is available here — there's no sound signal. Caves of Tuya-Myun and Chil-Ustun are interesting even for those who are far from professional speleological expeditions. Here you can literally escape the reality and get into space with stone crystals of different colors and shapes.

Breakfast on the southern shore of Issyk Kul
Here you will wake up from the sound of breaking waves and the fresh breath of wind much earlier than from the noise of annoying alarm. If the weather is fine, you'll see the сlear sky and small waves beating the rocky shore when you leave the tent. The lake is beautiful, you can't help plunging into it. After that plunging hot tea and several minutes under the sun will help you to warm up. By the way, familiar sandwiches are million times tastier here. The crucial thing is that your food stocks shouldn't be flooded!

Way through the massive and spectacular mountain passes
It is a place which is better described by some photos than by thousand words. They are not gold rush routes, but it's worth to take them into account. Getting from one landmark to another, tourists often miss the chance to observe everything that happens along the way. Forget about the destination. Stop and get out of the car! You will be amazed by what you see. It's hard to make an ugly photo on mountain passes and roads.

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